Please find some quotes that show how Joseph Strorm is a hard working man in The Chrysalids.

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joseph Storm is repeatedly refered to as an incredibly zealous man who is always eager to show his industrious nature in every aspect of his life. You might like to read Chapter Two where he is first introduced to us to see the kind of traits he is given. Consider, for example, what we are told of the Storm house and how it points towards a prosperous and successful man who is always working hard to expand his territory and property:

Since my grandfather, Elias Strorm, built the first part of it, over fifty years earlier, it had grown new rooms and extensions at various times. By now it rambled off on one side into stock-sheds, stores, stables, and barns, and one the other into wash-houses, dairies, cheese-rooms, farm-hands' rooms, and so on until it three-quarters enclosed a large-beaten-earth yeard which lay to leeward of the main house and had a midden for its central feature.

The expansion of the property clearly speaks of the hard-workign nature of Joseph Strorm, and the fact that he has the biggest farm and is still a man of great importance in Waknuk likewise supports this fact.