I need to know what Mrs. Laurencin does for a job in View from Saturday. Also, I need to know any other person and their jobs that you can think of.

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Mrs. Laurencin is the principal at Epiphany Middle School.  She is only one of the many "educators" mentioned in the book.  Others include Mrs. Reynolds, the drama director, Mrs. Sharkey, who teaches sixth grade math, and of course, Mrs. Olinski, the sixth grade homeroom teacher who moderates the Academic Decathlon.  Mrs. Korshak is the bus driver for Epiphany Middle School.  Margaret Draper, who marries Nadia's Grandpa Izzy, is a former principal from the elementary school where Mrs. Olinski worked before her accident.  Dr. Roy Clayton Rohmer is the District Superintendent for Clarion County Schools.

The parents of many of the students at Epiphany Middle School have interesting occupations as well.  Mrs. Gershom, Noah's mother, is in real estate, and Mr. Gershom, his father, is a dentist.  Nadia's mother, Mrs. Diamondstein, is a dental hygienist, and works for Noah's dad.  Hamilton Knapp's mother, Pat Knapp, DVM, is a veterinarian.  Julian's father, Mr. Singh, is a chef and the owner of a Bed and Breakfast, and his mother, who is deceased, was a "chanteuse", or singer, on a cruise ship. 

A number of the residents at Century Village, though now retired, had former occupations which were varied and unique.  Mr. Cantor was formerly a postman, Bella Dubinsky was an artist, Noah's Grandma Sadie and Grandpa Nate once owned a bakery, and Rabbi Friedman, obviously, is a retired Rabbi.

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