I need to know what happens in Chapters 1,2,3, and 4 of "Buried Onions".Please give me a full description, I read it! But it was so boring, i didnt get it!Please and Thanks!

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Buried Onions" is a coming of age novel; the main character is Eddie.  

In Chapter One, Eddie gives the reader details about the neighborhood that he lives in, a poor area that is defined by run down houses.  The neighborhood is full of mostly Mexican people, like Eddie. One, Angel is someone that Eddie would rather avoid.  He longs to escape the death and violence of the neighborhood, but feels held back by many forces.

In Chapter Two, Eddie is given a job opportunity by a man named Mr. Stiles.  He is working on the north side, the nice side of town where everything is clean and new. Eddie and Mr. Stiles work well together, he begins to trust him. He borrows the truck, only to have it stolen outside his home in the barrio.  He does not know who the thief is, but his friend Angel does.

In Chapter three, Eddie must tell Mr. Stiles that the truck is stolen.  He goes home and finds his mother and aunt visiting, he wants to avoid them, but goes inside.  They want him to date a girl named Norma.  He is not interested, he goes out with another Norma.

In Chapter four, Norma tells Eddie that Angel killed Jes, he tells her he won't say anything.  Josy Dominguez, a friend of Eddie, who is now a Marine, comes home for a visit.  He sees the stolen truck and tells Josy what happened.  Josy tries to get the truck back and ends up stabbed by the thieves, his family blames Eddie.