In "Treasure Island," what are Mrs. Hawkins' character traits?  

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Mrs. Hawkins runs the inn called Admiral Benbow. While she is only present for the beginning of the book, she still experiences some exciting and important events. She is present when the sailor Billy Bones comes to stay at the inn, and she has to deal with his terrible behavior. She is dealing with her husbands death when a blind man comes to the inn and delivers the black spot. Mrs. Hawkins becomes terrified that Black Dog, a sailor who had come to the inn, and the blind man might come back, and no one will help her or her son. This is not a good situation to be in -- in your diary you might want to think about how Mrs. Hawkins is feeling at this point. Her husband has died and she is scared that these men will come and hurt her or her son. Mrs. Hawkins is brave in that she goes into the sailor's chest and counts out the money he owes her, but then she and Jim have to run for their lives when they hear the blind man coming back. This is so terrifying that Mrs. Hawkins faints. There is a lot to write about in these first few chapters, before Jim leaves to be a cabin-boy.

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