Massachusetts Bay Colony

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I need to know facts about Pennsylvania and Massachusetts settlements.

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Pennsylvania and Massachusetts were two of the thirteen English colonies. Each colony had its own unique characteristics.

People who were seeking religious freedom created the colony of Massachusetts. For example, the Puritans had faced persecution for their religious beliefs in England. In the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they were able to freely practice their religion. However, there was not much tolerance for other faiths. The people did a variety of jobs. There was some manufacturing, shipping, fishing, and trade. Some farming occurred, but it was limited due to the cooler climate and the rocky soil. Forests and fish were some of the main resources of this colony.

The colony of Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn. There was religious freedom in Pennsylvania. As a result, many different religious groups settled in Pennsylvania, including the Quakers, the Lutherans, and the Huguenots. Additionally, there was more tolerance and diversity in Pennsylvania. The people of Pennsylvania farmed. They grew corn and wheat. They also raised livestock. Manufacturing also occurred. Shipbuilding and textiles were some of the industries. Mineral resources included iron ore and coal.

Both colonies had their own unique characteristics.

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