I need to know events that affected fashion in the 1890's in America and what they were.

donnaspaper | Student

During the middle to late 1800's women undergarments went through some changes the introduction of the metal crinoline in 1856 was lighter it replaced the wearing of layers of petticoats. Women wanted to look more modern and wanted their clothing to move easier and have their clothes allow them to move more,fashion reformers started designing dresses that didn't have a corset or had a much milder corset,these garments were called the Dileneator. Women starting wearing these garments out on the streets and were treating badly in some cities for this. The Dileneator was a looser fitting gown,originally deemed only fit to wear at home,it had a losser fitting corset.these fashion reforms took place from the 1850's forward women keep trying to get away from wearing the corset which was pushing their internal organs down and causing many health problems for them.

Dr.Kellogg said that he examined hundreds of women and not one of them had their organs in the right place because of the corset he started a health and fitness sanitarium in Battle Creek, Michigan in around 1850. One of the other changes in womens fashions was the bustle it had a little less drapery in the 1870's and some styles had no bustle at all in the 1880's.