I need to identify important quotes from the poem "Huswifery."  

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Make me, O Lord, thy Spining Wheele compleate

I think the opening line of the poem is a critical line to the poem. It's a critical line because it identifies so many components of the poem's narration.  It identifies who the poem is addressing - God.  It identifies who God should help - Edward Taylor.  Lastly it identifies what Taylor wants done.  He wants to be the Lord's metaphorical spinning wheel.  The opening line is also important because it shows the reader that the poem is a prayer.  That might be considered useless to understanding the poem, but it is critical to understanding the speaker. The fact that the poem is a prayer shows readers that the speaker is religious in some way.  But for me, it is the final stanza that shows the speaker's religious passion as true instead of a faked faith to impress other people. 

. . . that their shine may fill

  My wayes with glory and thee glorify.
Taylor goes through the poem asking God to make him great, but the above line identifies the reason.  Taylor does not want to be made great for his own glory. He wants to be made great to reflect and shine back on God in order to glorify God more. That's  true faith.
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