How did left and right ideologies contribute to events in France during 1825-1848.

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Left and right ideologies contributed to events in France in many important ways during this time, culminating in the brief existence of the Second Republic and the subsequent rise of Louis Napoleon.

For example, in 1835, Charles X granted the Catholic Church the power to run France's educational system.  He also gave compensation to nobles whose lands had been taken during the French Revolution.  Both of these actions enraged liberals and led to a great deal of unrest.  The king promised reforms, but then went back on those reforms in the late 1820s, leading to even more unrest.

The elections of 1830 were won by liberals.  When Charles X cancelled those results and called for new elections with a smaller electorate, rebellion ensued and he fled the country.  This led to the installation of Louis-Philippe as king.  His reign eventually led to still another liberal rebellion in 1848.

As this brief history shows, France in the time period you are asking about was torn by conflict between the right and the left, leading to multiple rebellions and changes of government.

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