What could I do for a painting regarding the Holocaust?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the painting of the Holocaust could turn out to be quite a good project that provides opportunity for self reflection about the Holocaust as well as reflection for others on the topic.  For example, painting Auschwitz would be extremely powerful.  An artistic recreation of the setting where so many lives were lost and so many more were altered forever could prove to be quite profound.  It could be an artistic rendering that captures the historical power of the site, but also the emotional pain and suffering that seems to haunt its very being.  An artistic rendition of Auschwitz would also compel you to have to engage in reflection about how it looked, what was there, and how to represent that in an artwork.  In doing so, reading Holocaust testimony about Auschwitz would be in order.  This would enable you to be able to place proper emphasis on Auschwitz from eyewitness point of view and be able to integrate it with your own understanding of it.  At the same time, I think that art on the Holocaust could help to provide a frame of reference in which individuals are able to use your student work as a springboard for their own reflection.  In the end, this has to become the basis for all study of the Holocaust and your work would be a part of that dialogue.

bdalton1209 | Student

Newspaper - Use Publisher (Windows) or Pages (Mac) to create a newspaper template. Create a piece of writing for your paper for each of the four main types (i.e. expository, narrative, descriptive, and persuasive.)

Descriptive - Use sensory details to describe one of the ghastly scenes at one of the camps.

Narrative - Research and tell the story of a survivor's account of their personal experiences during this time in history.


Expository - Explain the process of how America finally got involved in this war and brought an end to Nazi Germany.


Persuasive - Write a persuasive piece on why acceptance and tolerance are important regarding differences and human nature. Explain why having such traits are important as to never let any such tragedy occur again.