I need ideas for a 12-15 page research paper on a "Hot Topic" in the accounting world today.

lovell-abello | Student

Suggested Topic: Outsourcing the Internal Audit Function

Idea/s - Introduction:

1. Present the history of internal audit;

2. Compare: internal audit yesterday and today;

3. Discuss the current trends in internal auditing;

4. Develop the theoretical and conceptual framework;

5. Statement of the Problem: Is it cost-effective to outsource the internal audit function?


Idea/s - Review of Related Literature and Studies:

1. Expound the ideas presented within the introduction.


Idea/s - Research Methodology, Analysis and Presentation of Data:

1. Construct a survey questionnaire, whose target respondents are the listed companies within a certain state or the entire united states;

2. Finding (s) may include: listed companies that outsource internal audit function and listed companies that do not outsource internal audit function.


Idea/s - Conclusion(s)/Recommendation(s):

1. Formulate conclusions based on the findings; and then make recommendation(s) based on the conclusion(s).