I need helping writing my conclusion for my critical lens essay. The quote is "Every Betrayal Begins with Trust".  I'm having a little trouble with the set up of the conclusion so if any of you guys could help me i'd be happy... thaaanks  

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The answer to your question really depends on your essay. What is the thesis of your essay? In other words, the conclusion should reflect the main topic of your paper. So, if you thesis is that you agree with this statement, then your conclusion should seek to summarize your supporting points. Let me give you an example.

"In light of the evidence presented so far, most great betrayals are rooted in trust. The simple reason for this is because trust allows a person to have access to another's most cherished thoughts and ideas. Hence, a breach of on this intimate level creates for the most painful betrayals."

There are a few others points to consider when writing a conclusion. First, do not add something new in the conclusion. You want your reader to have a sense of closure, not thinking about something new. Second, do not simply repeat your thesis. This would be boring to say the least.

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