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I need help in writing a thesis on how students learn best when they are taught (in what way, under what conditions).

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I think that much of the wording of the thesis here would be dependent on what evidence you have and what will be used.  It does you little good to have a thesis which is not substantiated by analysis and detail.  Ensuring that your evidence matches up with your thesis is of vital importance.  Accordingly, I would suggest that examining your evidence and determine what you are going to be able to prove would be the first critical areas in forming a thesis statement.  Once you have determined which areas of the research are going to be used, I think that you can formulate a thesis statement which can be analyzed with evidential support and this will help make a stronger paper for you.

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Students learn best when they are in a non-threatening, developmentally-appropriate, cooperative, and motivating environment.

Their learning is vastly engaged through relevant, hands-on activities which have a clear objective, a goal, and a beginning, middle, and end.

They achieve even better when they are led by self-designed rubrics which will help them checklist the steps they need to follow to achieve the objective.

Success is assured when the student is able to analyze their progress with their teachers as they track their achievements in daily self-analysis. 

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