I need help writing a personal essay that has something to do with communication and how it affects relationships.Any notes, examples, or ideas on how to start this would be greatly appreciated!

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The greatest part about a "personal" essay is that it is all about you.  Don't over-think this assignment.  It should be easy.  I encourage you to write a personal narrative, which means you can prove your point by telling a story (or stories) and these stories are based on your own experience.

The first thing you should do is brainstorm and write down some ideas.  I like to turn a prompt phrase into a prompt question to help me do this.  The first question that comes to mind is:

How has communication affected one of your personal relationships?

When you read this question though, it still seems pretty broad.  It would probably be easier if you defined what kind of communication or what kind of relationships you can write about.  Let's play with different ways of changing this question to see what might spark the most or the best ideas (from your own experience):

Write about a time in your life when effective communication benefited a relationship.

Write about a time in your life when a lack of communication (or poor communication) negatively affected a relationship.

Do you see how turning your prompt into open-ended questions can help your ideas flow?  Once you have a few personal stories jotted down, you must decide what the point of your essay (your thesis) is going to be.  Then, outline your body paragraphs to present your ideas in an organized way.

I encourage you to use "me" and "I" throughout the piece and avoid using "you."  Preachy essays are not effective as personal narratives.  Just keep it all about yourself and maybe include what you learned as a result of your experience.  In this way, you are teaching a lesson without commanding or "selling" your point directly to your audience.

As you get further into this essay, if you find yourself stuck, please post again here on Enotes for further help.  Good luck.

See the link below for some additional tips.  Just be sure to consider your current topic as you read through them.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with everything the first post said.  Let me add to that by giving you a couple of ideas for kinds of specific topics you might talk about.

Thinking about relationships, there seem to be two kinds of relationships that are often harmed by lack of communication.  Those are the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and the parent-child relationship.

You might think about ways in which you might have had problems in one of these kinds of relationships.  In both kinds of relationships, the two parties often come from very different points of view and have very different assumptions.  This can make it hard to communicate.  Perhaps this has happened to you.  If so, you might write about that.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Why don't you provide personal examples of when communication affected your relationships, positively or negatively. For example, you might have had a miscommunication with a parent, friend or girl/boyfriend. What was the result? What did you do then?
lastlink93 | Student

nice postses :) but like they said its an essay about u so the essay should be really easy


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