I need help writing a paper on the character Lucio in Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure.   

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I moved your question to the Measure for Measure Group, because it seems that information about the character Lucio is really what you are seeking.  Here are some questions to consider about Lucio that will help you create a thesis statement, the first step in writing any paper.

The following questions are meant to help you consider how you see Lucio in the play.  Each of them can easily be changed into a statement, creating a thesis upon which to build an essay that provides examples from the text to support your thesis.  Here are the questions to consider about Lucio:

  • Is Lucio a true friend to Claudio?  Why or why not?
  • What are Lucio's motives in the play?  Does he act for the good of other characters or does he simply desire to stir up trouble?
  • Is Lucio a character who speaks truthfully?  Does he every contradict himself?  What might the consistency (or lack of consistency) in his speech tell the audience about his character?
  • Does Lucio operate as a foil to the Duke?  If so, which characteristics of the Duke does Lucio highlight by providing an opposing example?

This list of questions is certainly not meant to be exhaustive, and you may have a very different idea for a thesis already.  Here is an abbreviated list of steps (link below) from the Entoes page, "How to write a Character Analysis," which might also help:

  • Pay attention to the character’s ethics.
  • Decide whether the character’s actions are wise or unwise.
  • What is the character’s motivation?
  • Consider the effects of the character’s behavior on other characters.
  • Is the character “flat” or “round”?

Please follow the links below to more on Lucio and writing a character analysis.


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