I need help writing a ONE paragraph response to chapters 6-8. Must be 4-6 sentences written in paragraph format.

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Based on your question, it sounds like your paragraph should not be a simple summary of those chapters.  There is a lot for you to respond to in those chapters, because time passes quickly from chapter to chapter.  Chapter 6 is still summer.  Chapter 7 is the start of school, and by chapter 8, it is already winter.  

My suggestion for a response would be to focus on Jem and Scout's changing relationship with Boo Radley.  He's the creepy next door neighbor that has rumors of all kind about him.  But things start changing during chapters 7 and 8.  Boo begins leaving little gifts for Scout and Jem in the tree knothole.  Later he wraps a blanket around Scout without her knowledge. I would write a response about how Boo's actions conflict with what Scout and Jem assume about Boo from the beginning of the story.