I need help with writing a news article about an event that happens in a book called The Start Of Everything.

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I haven't read the book you mention, but I can give you some tips about writing a news article.

First, your aim is to be objective. This means that you want to report facts, not give your opinion. Journalists talk about the five w's -- what, who, where, when, why -- and the one h -- how. Answer these questions as you prepare to write your news story.

Next, decide which of these answers is the most relevant and important to your readers. This means you will have to think about your audience. Are you pretending to write a news report of the event as if you were there when it first happened? If so, is your article going to be read by thousands of readers, or only a few in your community? What information will they already know? What information will be new?

If the story has two or more sides, present a balanced view. Include facts and/or quotations that fairly represent the viewpoint of each party concerned.

Begin your story with the most important or relevant fact, and then include other facts (the answers to your "five w's and one h" questions) in descending order of importance. After you finish, ask yourself what would happen if the final paragraph or two of your article had to be eliminated. Would your readers lose any vital information?

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