I need help writing my 5 paragraph essay on "The Necklace." What do you suggest?

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"The Necklace" is a story whose most prominent element is theme; specifically, the theme of materialism. This, then can be the topic, and to arrive at a thesis ask, "So what about materialism?"

One answer is that Madame Loisel cannot be happy in her marriage as she values material things more than spiritual ideals. For, Madame Loisel's belief that beautiful things and luxury are essential to her happiness is the fallacy that leads to the ruin of her happiness, comfort, and her physical beauty. (This equals a thesis statement.)

The five-paragraph essay contains a thesis that has three opinions in it. So, the three opinion parts of the thesis are (1) ruin of happiness, (2) loss of comfort, and (3) destruction of her appearance. Forming topic sentences out of these three opinion concepts will start off each of...

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