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I need help writing a literature review for caribbean studies. the topic is "unemployment in barbados-the causes and effects" I can hardly find books i started to write on the issue already but i was told i was doing it incorrectly. how do i connect the information from the internet i found and from books with my own interpretation?

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Wow, that's a very narrow, difficult topic.  First, are you sure the assignment is looking for literaturereview, as in fiction books?  It sounds very much like a non-fiction book topic.  I found some resources for you to look into, but with a topic that narrow, you will probably need to order the books online, as I doubt public or college libraries will carry them.  You might also ask if you can use journal articles as well as books, because then you will have more to choose from. 

I am including links to three book titles that might help you, but be aware they are not fiction titles.  Good luck.

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