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First ask what the format for your biography consist of.  Most essays have five paragraphs. Beginning with an introduction, three body paragraphs and ending with a conclusion. A paragraph consists of at least five complete sentences.

Find a person whose life you would like to analyze and expose; this person can be dead or alive. Make sure there is enough information available on this person to create an interesting biography.

Go to the library and find the right sources for your biography; come to understand why this person is important.

making a time-line with the most important events in this person's life helps.

Once this events are organized, begin your essay.  Introduce the person whose biography you will be analyzing. Explain why this person is important, their contributions and the elements that shaped their life.

In your body divide facts by priority level, what were the most important events that marked this person's life?? What influenced this person and their actions; analyze their decisions. Note important dates and quotations (make sure to cite the source).

In the conclusion remind the reader of the how this character made an impact.  How their life came to an end.  What did this person's life teach future generations.

Make sure you cite your sources.

Biographies are basically a research paper with little room for analysis and deductions; rather, it is more about organization, facts and coming to an deeper understanding of the character's life.