I need help writing an essay.An essay about what people can eat do or think about that contributes to good health. Focus on cause and effect, a good thesis...

I need help writing an essay.

An essay about what people can eat do or think about that contributes to good health. Focus on cause and effect, a good thesis statement, etc.  (Please use simple words.)

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It might be easier of you choose something you personally believe. How do you stay healthy? For example, let's say you run every day. You can write an essay on the benefits of running and how a daily run improves your health, and explain why in 3 ways.
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There are so many things that you can say about this!  After all, our health is affected almost completely by what we eat, think, or do.

I think that you should choose 1 thing from each category and explain its importance.  For example, you could choose

  • Having a low-fat diet.
  • Getting lots of exercise.
  • Doing things like writing a journal or praying or whatever relaxes you.

You could then say that all of these things lead to better health because they lower your blood pressure and your risk of things such as stroke or heart disease.

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In order to make this essay a little easier to write, I am encouraging you to walk through the writing process: pre-write, draft, edit, rewrite.  The first step, pre-writing, should actually take the most time.  If you do this well, writing the rest of the essay will be far simpler.  Try following these steps:

  1. Create a prompt question: What can people eat, do, or think about in order to promote good health?
  2. Brainstorm a list of answers to your prompt question.  Use everything you can think of (eat, drink, activities, mindset, etc.) that contribute to good health.  This topic is HUGE so your list should be extensive.  Be as broad or specific as possible and also include some real examples.
  3. Organize your brainstormed list by grouping similar ideas into categories.  Go ahead and label the categories.  Remember, as categories, the ideas within are specific, but the titles of the categories themselves are broader so they can encompass several examples.
  4. Choose the strongest 3 categories to focus on in the essay.  These will become your body paragraphs.
  5. Outline body paragraphs by turning category titles into topic sentences and going into detail on a few examples that support and elaborate on those topics.

In order to write your thesis, you will want to give a general answer to your prompt question.  Turn the question into a statement: People can do a number of things in order to promote good health.  These include [category 1], [category 2], and [category 3].

Now, the bulk of your work is done.  If you get stuck on the intro or conclusion, at this point, you should have enough information to get further advice from a peer or your instructor.

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