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I need help writing a 10 page argumentative essay paper Any topic will help me. How should I start with the thesis?

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In an argumentative essay, present your perspective in such a way that the reader is persuaded to agree with you, even to the point of changing a previously-held view. A plan is crucial to ensure that the essay is structured, focused and clear. 

Good topics include controversial topics such as human rights, abortion and the death penalty or even Fast Food chains and their advertising methods. More personal topics might include school or college rules, parents and authority, peer pressure, and so on. Your essay topic should have two very different possible standpoints and you will argue one of them. 

Find a topic that interests you, whether you have strong feelings about it or not. On your plan, write down all the arguments that you can think of, both in favor and against the issue you will discuss. In an argumentative essay, it is important to state both sides of the argument to give you an opportunity, not only to state your case, but also to allow you to completely discount the other...

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