I need help writing a 10 page argumentative essay paper Any topic will help me. How should I start with the thesis?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In an argumentative essay, present your perspective in such a way that the reader is persuaded to agree with you, even to the point of changing a previously-held view. A plan is crucial to ensure that the essay is structured, focused and clear. 

Good topics include controversial topics such as human rights, abortion and the death penalty or even Fast Food chains and their advertising methods. More personal topics might include school or college rules, parents and authority, peer pressure, and so on. Your essay topic should have two very different possible standpoints and you will argue one of them. 

Find a topic that interests you, whether you have strong feelings about it or not. On your plan, write down all the arguments that you can think of, both in favor and against the issue you will discuss. In an argumentative essay, it is important to state both sides of the argument to give you an opportunity, not only to state your case, but also to allow you to completely discount the other scenario. The intention is to make the reader think and to make him reassess his own position. By stating both sides of the argument and then dismissing the counter-argument, you prevent readers from questioning your stance because, effectively, you have answered their questions.   

The essay is not an emotional appeal but a factual one and arguments must be substantiated. Stating, for example, that abortion is wrong because it is evil has no grounding and similarly, stating that it is right because it may not be the best time for the woman to have a baby raises more questions than it does answers. Both are emotionally charged. Stating that abortion is wrong because a fetus is a living, growing organism (mention the evidence) or that abortion is right because a fetus cannot sustain itself so cannot be considered to be a life (mention the evidence) involves facts not emotions. Note how both sides must be presented. Whichever side you favor will then be the stronger argument.  

The thesis statement will appear in the first paragraph with your topic introduction. The thesis will give your position. To keep with the abortion topic, you could consider beginning your essay with a question- a direct question- to create a connection between you and the reader who feels that he or she cannot really avoid your question:

Do you agree with abortion? Abortion is a topic which attracts much debate and about which decisions should never be taken lightly. It should make you feel uncomfortable. Abortion describes the process of the deliberate termination of a pregnancy. A fetus is extracted and discarded and a woman returns to her normal routine, often within 24 hours or less. A fetus has a heart. You shouldn't turn off the life support system of a developing fetus whose heartbeat can be heard from about six weeks- before many women even realize that they are pregnant. (Thesis statement). You wouldn't turn off your mother's life support after an accident when there is a 90% chance of her recovering.  

If this is your argument, the body paragraphs expound your argument and discuss and dismiss the reasons why abortion shouldn't be an option. Instances where termination seems necessary should also be discussed. These will strengthen not weaken your argument as they can be discussed separately as not being the same as abortion. It is your argument so you can make your case regardless of the opinion of others. It must be clear that judging others is not on the agenda.