What is a related sentences for this equation? a - +5 =+35

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I understand your questions correctly, the first is "Something minus positive 5 equals positive 35," and "Something minus negative 5 equals positive 35." So let's call "something" the unknown value of x, so the equations would look like

1a) x - (+5) = (+35)

1b) x - 5 = 35

1c) x = 40


2a) x - (-5) = (+35)

2b) x + 5 = 35

2c) x = 30

atyourservice | Student

What is a related sentences for this equation?

a - +5 =+35

Hmmmm...  Maria came out of the house with x amount, she spent 5 dollars on some chips and now she has $35 left, how much did she start with?

revolution | Student

Do you mean a minus a positive 5 and it will equal to a positive 35.

If that is so, then it is simple, you need to find the unknown (a) by making it as a subject and removing other numbers to one side like this:




= +40

So, a equals to a positive 40/ plus 40

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