What should I have in an essay outline?My paper is on flesh-eating disease.

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mapriem eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I suggest you try one of the links below to find the exact scientific name of your disease/ diseases. In writing an outline be sure to include the following. I have graded over 1,000 papers on diseases, so this is what I expect:

  • Why you chose this disease to research
  • History/background of the disease ( include dates, founders, examples)
  • Full description and causes
  • Symptoms/signs of disease
  • Treatments/Cures
  • Relevance to current trends and society

Consider adding other relevant information provided by your instructor as a requirement. You may want to add testimonies of people with the disease or interview doctors who are researching the disease for further help.

kmieciakp | Student

If you want a testimony, the flesh-eating disease infected my ex's arm two years ago.  He was messing around in one of his backyard's unfiltered home-made ponds, and the disease entered a tiny cut on the back of his hand.  He showed me the red spot Tues. night when he dropped off our son, and Wed. morning he called me from his house--his hand and wrist had swollen to over three times their size.  He said he had never been in so much pain in his life.  He went to a specialty hospital, and within a day his arm swelled to his elbow, and the next day to his shoulder.  He became delirious, hallucinated, even ripped out a shunt they had surgically implanted in his thigh for antibiotics, thinking the nurses and doctors were aliens trying to kill him; his system almost became septic.  The doctors said they hit the infection with a drip solution of everything they had; the disease stopped at his shoulder, but in the end, they said it could have gone either way and that really he survived because "I guess they just decided to stop eating." 

The doctors said that you should be sure never to put your hand in any water that frogs go to the bathroom in.

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