What are the values and ethics of The Hunger Games?

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juneamy007 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The values and ethics explored in this story are those of mankind since the beginning of time.  

The most striking ethical question posed by The Hunger Games is when is killing justified. It is the government's dictate that participation in this "game" is mandatory and that there be only one survivor. Does that form of murder for entertainment negate the ethical question of when is killing another living creature justified?

The values set forth by the government are the same ones established during the times of the Roman gladiator. Those values are centered around government-condoned killing for the entertainment of those in positions of power and control.  There are those contestants that have the backing of the rich and powerful, thus being afforded certain advantages.  These tributes have been trained and educated and prepared for the ensuing battles. They are in the game to win, not merely not to die. Then there are those parties who are in the games merely due to the luck of the draw. Their participation is to be declared the winner simply because they were not the ones who died.

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