I need help with this: Plan a short story about Hamilton using names and situations from Greek Myths.I believe it needs to be about Edith Hamilton.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If I understand the topic correctly, you would have to compose a short story based on Hamilton's life with allusions to mythology.  I think that the form of this might take many forms, but the allusion part would be something where you would be able to discuss how her trips to Greece and Egypt helped to play formative roles in her understanding of the culture and its mythology.  Flying on the wings of Hermes, perhaps, might be a way to present the importance of such a journey.  In terms of penning her thoughts on Classical inquiry, Hamilton channels Athena, and her wisdom helped Hamilton secure the status of a leading scholar on Classical thought.  It would be interesting to also talk about how Hamilton is a prominent woman in a male dominated field of study.  Certainly, you can find many a narrative in Hamilton's study of strong women and their significance.  I think being able to identify the myths and stories in Hamilton's work that "speak" to you and linking them to Hamilton's own experience might be the best way to compose your short story.

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