I need a help with this equation: 14 = - c - 14 Please help me.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this problem (assuming you have typed it properly) is c = -28.

You can find this out by doing simply algebraic manipulations of the numbers.

You start by trying to get all of the numbers on one side of the equal sign and all the variables on the other.

In order to do this, you have to add 14 to both sides.  This is because -14+14 = 0 and so there will be no more numbers on one side.

That leaves you with -c = 28.

Mulitply both sides by -1 and you get c = -28

malkaam | Student

14 = - c - 14

Hence, simplifying the equation by taking c on left hand side and 14 from left hand side to right hand side:


Now, since both the numerals are in negative form so they would be added, and answer would be:


princessenotes | Student

This problem is really easy to solve. You should have learned this in Middle School.

-c - 14 = 14

-c = 28

c = -28

mkcapen1 | Student

14= -c-14

14 = 14=-c


To solve for the problem.  You must isolate the negative by moving it to the left.

Next you need to move the positive 14 to the right where it becomes a negative.

You now have two negative 14's.

You must add these together.

A negative 14 plus a negaitve 14 equals a negative 28.

Therefore c=-28


love-math | Student

To solve problems like this think about a balance scale with the = sign being the base.

The idea is to get your variable on one side and the constants on the other.

14 = c – 14


To get the variable by itself you will need to make -14 a 0 by adding 14.  

14 = c – 14

14 = c + 14



When you do this the scale becomes unbalanced

14 = c

14 =


 So you will have to do the same on the other side.

+ 14

+ 14 = c

+ 14▲


or 28 = C