I need help with my son's homework.  I need to find 1 metaphor and 2 similies in the Wednesday Wars book.  Can anyone help fast?  I am stuck!

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Similes compare two things using the word "like." In other words "the lights twinkled like stars" is a simile.

On page 4 of the book, the look comes over the teacher's face "like the sun had winked out..."   That's a smile.

Page 8 -- asking your sister... is like asking Nova Scotia...  That's a simile too.  Both of those use the word "like" to compare two things...

Metaphors also compare one thing to another, but don't have "like" or "as" in them. So the idea of your "mind's eye" is a metaphor. Metaphors are also used in sentences like "his attempts were just a drop in the ocean..."

One example of a metaphor comes in the first sentence of the book where the teacher hates him with "heat whiter than the sun."  This metaphor compares her hate to the sun.

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Excuse me pohnpei397, but what would be the effect the author created on Page 4's simile?

What would be a metaphor from the book, and the effect the author created on it?

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