I need help with a college admission essay. I'm applying to FIT for Fashion Design, and one of the portfolio requirements is an essay with no more than 250 words. I really can't understand that question, so I hope you can help me, please. "In 250, words or less, provide an example of when your point of view differed from a teacher or employer during an evaluation of your performance. How did you handle the situation?"

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This question is being asked to prompt you to describe how you handle criticism and critique, and perhaps how you respond to a critique that you don't agree with. For example, one may be tempted to respond that when faced with a critique from a professor or employer that she/he always immediately accepts the criticism and changes to perform in a more satisfactory manner. However, it is important to be yourself and truly analyze how you handle criticism/adversity in your workplace/school. Authority figures are not always correct and perhaps you have experienced a time when you accepted part of a teacher's critique while challenging the other part of the criticism. Perhaps that challenge helped open the teacher's eyes to a new perspective and you both ended up learning. Speaking about a specific and personal experience can help the admissions office learn about your character, which will help individualize you in a sea of applications.

First of all, 250 words is very short. It is less...

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