Need help with an inequality word problem

For her phone service, Keisha pays a monthly fee of  , and she pays an additional  per minute of use. The least she has been charged in a month is  .

What are the possible numbers of minutes she has used her phone in a month?

Use  for the number of minutes, and solve your inequality for  .

Expert Answers

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Since your question doesn't have values, I will use symbols. For the monthly base fee, we will use F. For the charge per minute we will use C, and for the number of minutes we will use m. The total bill will be P. So we get:


If the smallest bill was Q, then `Pgt=Q`

Since P = F+mC, then the equation becomes:


the number of minutes used can be solved by isolating m.


Let's try it with some numbers: F = $20. C = $0.05/min, Q = $35


Hope that helps!

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