I need help undertstanding Gilligan's overall point in the Feminism dialogue.

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I tend to think that one of the Gilligan's primary points in the dialogue that surrounds feminism is the idea that women might not benefit from being seen as exactly the same as men.  Her "difference feminism" asserts the idea that women perceive reality differently than men do.  This is something brought out in her research and in the anecdotal methods used to ascertain it.  For Gilligan, there is a different perception that men and women have towards consciousness.  This is something we now accept as fairly common.  Though at the time of publication, Gilligan's points were radical.  I think that this constitutes where Gilligan's primary contributions lie.  She is constructing a notion of femininity that is fundamentally different from about what it means to be a woman in the modern setting. In doing so, Gilligan offers a unique and differentiated voice in the feminism canon. This becomes her primary point in that voice and the authentication of experience has to be a part of what is considered to be feminism.  In this, her primary point is evident.


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