I need help understanding the structure of Spenser's Amoretti Sonnet 75, and how to compare it to the structure of Shakespheare's Sonnet 18.

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Spenser's Amoretti Sonnet 75 is structured with three quatrains (four line stanzas) and a couplet to comprise the fourteen lines of the sonnet form--as prescribed by the original sonneteer, Petrarch--in the Spenserian rhyme scheme ababbcbccdcdee (abab bcbc cdcd ee), with linking of rhyme/thought at concatenated lines bb cc (4-5, 8-9). Starting in the middle of the sonnet, the third quatrain introduces the sonnet paradox: "you shall live by fame; / My verse, [you] ... shall eternize." A paradox is an idea or concept that appears to be false ("baser things devise / To die ... but you shall live"), but is actually a truth of some sort: "My verse, [you] ... shall eternize."

The concluding couplet (two rhyming lines) resolves the conflict between mortal death and immortal life by explaining "Where whenas" all in the world shall in due time die, their love (the sonneteer...

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