I need help to translate this haiku: It is cold outside The snow falls from tree branches Wind blows though the trees. please help!! i need this for tomorrow please help me!

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Okay... so according to your message to me, you need this in Japanese.  So I'll give it a shot.  As I understand it, haiku is supposed to be 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables.  So I'll do it like that, even though I may not be able to make it literally say everything the English does.  I'm going to do this in romaji:

Soto samui

Yuki ga ki de ochiru

Kaze ga fuku

As you see, I didn't get the part about branches in the second line and I do not have any trees in the last line.  But I don't see how I could get those in without going over the number of syllables allowed.

If you need to look stuff up -- either J-E or E-J, check out the following link -- it's a pretty awesome dictionary site.

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