I need help summarizing "Tangerine" by Edward Bloor.It needs to be about 1-1 1/2 pages.

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When I ask students to summarize the plot of a novel, I tell them to list the most important events in the order they happened. I usually give them the first couple of events, and then the last event.  I have them fill in between the beginning events and the final event.

The first major event is that Paul and his family move to Florida from Houston, requiring Paul, who is legally blind, to try and adjust to new surroundings, a new school, and new people. Introduce the remaining members of the family, giving only the most important information about them, especially Paul's brother, Erik, who mistreats him.  Focus on what life is like for Paul until he transfers to Tangerine Middle School, explaining how Tangerine is different from everywhere else. It should be easy from that point to describe the events leading up to Paul attending the Catholic school and attempting to create some kind of relationship with his dad.

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its all about a boy named Paul who doesn't get enough attention from his parents and they just pay attion to his brother Erik  and his brother Erik is just a bully he's a trouble maker and he doesn't pick the right friends neither does Paul His mother just talks to hear here her self and their dad is just a football fan of Eriks but its tragic what happen to Mike very sad i think joey is stupid he is a con a conartis he coned Paul

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Try looking at this summary on his website:


It really helps.