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I need help structuring an essay. my thesis is: Throughout The Sensible Thing, Winter Dreams, The Rich Boy, and The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald highlights the isolation that accompanies materialism, implying that rising in status does not yield emotional fulfillment.  I need help coming up with a structure for my essay (3 body paragraphs) and can't structure it by book. ideas?

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If you've been instructed not to discuss one book per paragraph, you  might think instead about organizing it by character.  In The Great Gatsby, for example, you could discuss a couple of passages that demonstrate Jay Gatsby's loneliness even as he is throwing glitzy parties every Saturday night.  Similarly, in the other works you've been asked to include, focus on specific characters whose personal lives are not particularly happy despite their having attained material success and/or the social status that accompanies it.  Find specific passages that support this theme and discuss in terms of the characters and plot of each individual work.  That being said, I think that three paragraphs to discuss a theme present in four different works doesn't seem adequate if one is to discuss in any detail at all  It seems that you'll be limited to just a very few examples and will not be able to elaborate too extensively to keep your essay within the assigned paramters. 

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