I need help starting an AP essay,the thesis,and writing the paragraphs in an advanced way. Any tips to help me improve write my essays please!I don't know if I'm using the right or advanced words because I barely know some. I get confused because the way its suppose to be written, i feel like im repeating it many times and it doesn't sound good.

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Your question about how to write an AP essay is a good one.  Essentially, writing an AP essay is writing a college essay which means a clear understanding of What you want to say and How you will write it.  The first answer will help you format the essay, but I would advise you to do more planning.  Once you have decided what you will write about, you need to find out if you have enough thoughts, ideas and examples from the prompt to create an essay.  When you have enough ideas in planning, write out your essay in rough form.  Answer number one provides a good format to follow.  THEN, you need to revise your paper several times.  First, eliminate the words this and there if they start a sentence.  The words behind them are what you need.  Also, highlight all of the two and three letter words  and decide if you can rephrase the sentence to eliminate many of them.  Look at combining sentences to see if you can get good ideas into your one good sentence.  Look at the variety of sentences such as using phrases, clauses or complex sentences rather than always using simple or compound.  Try to write your own original take on the topic or at least phrase it your own way. Repetition is not a positive, so look for additional ideas or at least rephrase when you are emphasizing an idea with repetition. Good luck and remember this will help you prepare for college writing.  Also, enotes has an essay lab which may be another place to look for help.

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