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Solve using substitution method. x+2y=4x=2y I need help solving this using the substitution method. I struggle with this since it has been so long since I have had to use algebra. x + 2y = 4 x = 2y

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`2y + x = 4x=2y`

To start, express the given as two equations.

EQ1: `2y+x = 4x`

EQ2: `2y = 4x`

Then, let's try to express EQ1 as one variable. To do so, substitute EQ2 to EQ1. So, replace the 2x in EQ1 with 4x.

`2y+x = 4x`

Since all the terms have the x variable,  bring them together on one side of the equation.

`4x+x-4x =0`


Then, substitute value of x to either EQ1 or EQ2 and solve for x.

`x = 0` ,      `2y=4x`                 `2y=0`

                 `2y=4*0`                   `y=0`

Hence, the solution to the given equation is `x=0` and `y=0` .

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najm1947 | Student

The double equation x + 2y = 4 x = 2y can be solved by bifercating it in to two equation:

x+2y = 4x or -3x+2y = 0 ..... (1) and

2y = 4x or y = 2x ...........(2)

substituting the value of y from (2) in (1) we get:

-3x + 2*2x = 0

=> x = 0

substituting the value of x in (2), we get:

y = 0

Solution of x + 2y = 4 x = 2y is x = 0 and y = 0