I need help solving a math problem. Solve. `(x-2.3)^2=25`

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To solve, eliminate the exponent 2. So, take the square root of both sides.



Then, isolate x. To do so, add both sides by 2.3.



And, compute for the values of x.

`x=5+2.3=7.3 `          and          `x=-5+2.3=-2.7`

Hence, the solutions are `x=-2.7` and `x=7.3`  .

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Hi, user5932103,

I assume the problem is:

(x-2.3)^2 = 25

There are a couple of ways to do this problem.  The way I would do it is, first, take the square root of each sides.  That gives you:

x-2.3 = +-5, meaning positive 5 and negative 5.

For this, we separate the equation into two equations:

x-2.3 = 5    and    x-2.3 = -5

Solving these, we add 2.3 to all sides, giving us:

x = 7.3                 x = -2.7

So, there would be two solutions.

Good Luck, user5932103.  I hope this helps.