I need help solving -8 - p= -8  I understand that I need to find the value of p, but I dont understand what I need to do with it because it's a negative.

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The answer to this is that p = 0.  There are two ways you can go about finding this.

First, you can just do this by logic.  If -8 minus something still equals -8, what could that something be?  If you subtract something from a number and still get that same number, clearly you subtracted zero, right?

Second, you can actually do the math.  First, add 8 to both sides to get rid of the -8 on the left side.  That gives you

-p = 0

You then multiply both sides by -1 to get p to be positive.   But 0 multiplied by anything is still 0 so

p = 0

william1941 | Student

To solve -8 -p = -8 go about it this way

-8 -p = -8

add -8 to both the sides

=> -8 -p +8 = -8 +8

now simplify

=> -p =0

There you have it, -p = 0, which also means p = 0 as -1 multiplied by 0 is also 0.

carsonn | Student

ahhh thank you, I was so confused because my teachers been telling us that we can divide it by -1 or something, I did think about it for a second and felt a bit silly. But again, thank you!

giorgiana1976 | Student

The steps are the followings:

We'll have to add 8 both sides, in order to isolate -p to the left side:

-8 + 8 - p= -8 + 8

It is obvious that we'll get the result:

0 - p = 0

-p = 0

We'll have to multiply both sides by -1, in order to get a positive p:

p = -1*0

If we multiply any number by zero, the resul will be also 0, no matter if the number is positive or negative.

p = 0