Please summarize Chapters 13-14 of The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood.

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In Chapter 13 Widge is settling into the life of a player goes to St Pauls’s with Sander. Widge is unused to friendship and is pleasantly baffled by Sander’s offer to pay for their Thames crossing and for the entrance to the tower. Widge is overwhelmed by the size of London.

He learns that it is possible to buy copies of Shakespeare’s plays, but not of course Hamlet. He sees Falconer in the crowd and flees in fear, running through the cathedral graveyard and finding himself lost in a rough area of the city. At the end of the chapter he is about to be mugged by two youths with daggers.

In chapter 14 he is saved from the attack by Julian, who explains that they are in Alsatia, the area of London where he grew up. Widge is again surprised by the loyalty of others and a little upset that he has needed to accept help. Widge is beginning to realise that there is more to life than the existence he has had so far, but he remains cynical –

Life was full enough of disappointments, without making more.

He struggles with the concept of friendship still-

Some part of me wondered how it would be to have a friend, and to be one.

The next day Widge is required to whitewash the theatre roof thatch and practice fencing and makeup. He is becoming more involved in the life of the theatre, although the fear that Falconer will catch him is never far away. He finds out that they are to play Hamlet that afternoon, and he is handed the precious play book and instructed to act as prompt.

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