The French and Indian War (The Seven Years' War)

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I need help on a research paper on the French and Indian War - it can be about anything describing the war, but needs to be a restricted topic. For example, "what are the causes of the French and Indian War?"

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The French and Indian War is brimming with topics to choose from. Here's three that I find especially interesting:

  • The "French and Indian War" was not an isolated North American war. It was simply the North American "aspect" of a much broader war, the Seven Year's War. Many of the combatants and locations in North America were colonies of the European powers at war. While this may seem to portray American colonists as puppets of their European governments, they had real economic, political and geographic fights of their own to sort out, and were not simply obeying a command to kill each other. Additionally, while North America had considerable resources, it was not a center of manufacturing; total victory in North America would not have determined the outcome of the war in the way that American intervention in World War I and II did. Thus, in some ways, the French and Indian War may have encouraged American independence.
  • The Seven Year's War is often considered a world war. Some of the advantages that North America enjoyed in the French and Indian War, such as massive natural resources and geographic isolation, as well as the intensity of the war in Europe, foreshadowed the circumstances of World War I and II.
  • The experiences of British colonial troops in the French and Indian War would have provided them with veteran experience that would serve them later in the American Revolution. The war also increased the British Empire's national debt, and with most of the valuable North American resources now firm and uncontested in the hands of its own colonists, Britain saw these resources, and people, as a source of revenue, which led to the tax issues that fueled the American Revolution.

Also check my source link below, under "Consequences" at the bottom, for more ways to tie these things together.

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