I need help putting together a presentation about an Orthopedic Specialist. Any corrections or added info is greatly appreciated!So far I have jotted down onto my flashcard is:  ...

I need help putting together a presentation about an Orthopedic Specialist. Any corrections or added info is greatly appreciated!

So far I have jotted down onto my flashcard is:


:A orthopedic specialist is a medical doctor with additional 4-6years training, concentrating on muscular skelutual disorders. They see patients with dramatic bone fractures, soft tissue injuries.


People are usually referred to an orthopedic surgeon by a primary physician or family doctor. After high school, they get a science degree, then additional 4 years in medical school, then after another 2 years residency.

Once their finished their residency then they get additional training for 204 years. Orthopedic specialists average about half a million to a million dollars a year.

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This really depends on how long your presentation has to be. You mentioned that orthopedic specialists see people with dramatic bone fractures and soft tissue injuries. I would like to know a bit more about that, including how an orthopedic doctor treats those kinds of injuries. Do they ever need surgery, certain medications, physical therapy? Also, are there certain conditions that cannot be fixed? How about orthotics?

I would also discuss schooling a bit more. Does an orthopedic doctor go to a traditional medical school or are there schools dedicated to orthopedics?

Remember, relax and at the end of your presentation ask if anyone has any questions.


castellensis | Student

Hi Sylvester:

I have an orthopedic specialist who works with my rheumatologist. In my case, they go hand-in-hand.

Given that my orthopedist was trained at UT Southwestern Medical School (Dallas), the links below will likely give you considerably more information from which to cull and glean concerning training, abilities, specialization, etc.

Hope they help you!

By the way, you might want to check into how much medical malpractice insurance costs an orthopedist as opposed to a general practitioner or even an orthopedic surgeon.

The more invasive their procedures in their practice, the higher the cost of malpractice insurance. It's amazing (and appalling), but absolutely necessary given the sheer volume of frivolous lawsuits against even completely honest and legitimate members of the medical profession these days. Ultimately, all of those unnecessary lawsuits are a very large percentage of the reason doctors' fees are so high.

P.S. ~ With all my medical problems, my orthopedist probably *did* have another 204 years of training! ;)


ksimz | Student

Thanks for your reply!

I have answers for your questions below. How does this sound?


"When it comes to dramatic bone fractures and soft tissue injuries, Orthopedic specialists treat these by inserting two metal plates on both sides of the fractured bone and inserting screws through the plates. For soft tissue injuries, they treat this by muscle relaxants and referred to a physiotherapist. Certain conditions that cannot be fixed is a severed spine which causes paralysis. Also a depressed fracture of the skull cannot be fixed.

I'm still trying to find out more on schooling, but other than that how does it sound?


sylvesterxx19 | Student

didn't mean to put 204 years. 2-4 years*