Please compare and contrast Edna from The Awakening with Daisy from Daisy Miller.

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Edna Pontellier is the protagonist of Chopin's The Awakening, and presents us with a woman who earnestly desires more than her life and society has given her. As the novel opens we begin to see how Edna finds the restrictions on her life incredibly frustrating and she begins to desire something more than the conventional roles of marriage and motherhood that society has thrust upon her. This awareness is partly thanks to her relationship with a young, single man, called Robert Lebrun. As she spends more time with him, Edna begins to think more about her own desires and needs. Her learning to swim corresponds with this "awakening" that she experiences.

As the novel progresses, Edna defies more and more the roles that society has placed on her by distancing herself from her husband...

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