Need help on a persuasive essay about over the counter drug abuse.  What sources should I seek as I attempt to write about the use of OTC drugs with teenagers and why they do it?

Expert Answers
clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an essay which by nature will require expert/scholarly sources that are current (10-15 years old), because of the ever-changing nature of medicine and availability of both prescription and over the counter drugs.

While I cannot be considered an expert on this subject, I can at least point you in a direction to help you get starting finding some materials that should be helpful.  "Google Scholar" is a relatively new (and free) resource for researching journal articles on just about any topic.  Many articles are even available in full-text to read at no cost.

The first hurdle you must overcome is the "keyword search."  It is always difficult to begin research on a subject you know very little about.  Start with a few obvious keywords, then, as you find potentially useful information, search for other keywords from these articles to search further.

With your topic, I'd probably start with keywords [abuse] [and] [over the counter drugs] [teenagers].

Likely, this will produce something useful.  Browse through a couple articles and see if there is one or two particular drugs that seem to be abused more than others.  Let's use "Tylenol PM" for example.  You could then do a search for [Tylenol PM] [and] [abuse] [and] [teenagers].  If you are not finding anything, leave out the [and]'s and see what happens.

Good luck.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Try typing the words pharming or pharm party into a search engine. I suggest you go to your local paper so you can get a local spin on it. Here are some suggestions By the way, had an article about pharm parties being a media invention, but I couldn't pull it up.