I need help on my Lord of the Flies project. Any ideas that might be appropriate for a seventh-grader?

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Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, I've only taught this novel to students in 9th grade, but I have an idea that might work for you.  One of the things I always like to ask my students is where they think the boys are five, or even ten years after they've been rescued. What are they doing, and are they okay?

Perhaps you could follow three or four of the main characters, or the characters you most connected to, and predict or suppose what has happened to them.  For example, has Jack continued his hunting practices or tried to kill anyone since he got off the island?  Was he able to put the horrific events of which he was a part behind him, or is he still somehow affected by those experiences?  If so, how?

You could call it "Where Are They Now" and include as much or as little as the project assignment requires (pictures, drawings, writing, references to the book, or whatever else might be asked of you). 

There are lots of other ideas, of course, but this seems like it might work for you.  Hope this helps!


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