I need help making a Venn diagram of Jem and Scout. Thanks.

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First, you will have to decide on which similarities and differences you want to focus on for the two characters.  Both Scout and Jem have many differences and also many things in common.  I will highlight a few below:

Scout is younger than Jem.  Scout does not remember their mother because she died when the girl was very young.  She is more impulsive than her brother in the beginning of the book.  For example, Scout beats up Walter Cunningham after she gets in trouble with her teacher because she defended him.  Throughout most of the book, Scout is much more naive than her brother.  Scout asks many questions, which show her naivety.  For example, Scout asks Atticus why Mr. Cunningham pays him in crates "of smilax and holly" and "crokersack[s] full of turnip greens" instead of with money.

Jem is older than Scout.  Jem has memories of their deceased mother.  He is more rational.  When Scout beats up Walter Cunningham, Jem reasons with her.  He then invites the boy to lunch.  Jem is very aware of the goings on in Maycomb.  He demonstrates his knowledge throughout the book.  When Scout complains about school, Jem tells her with assurance that "the older [she gets] the better school [will] be" because "he started off the same way, and it was not until one reached the sixth grade that one learned anything of value."

Both Scout and Jem have a suspicion of Boo Radley.  They are also fascinated by him.  They both enjoy similar activities, such as playing with Dill, sneaking around the Radley house, and playing outside.  Scout and Jem both fiercely defend their father if necessary.  Both siblings are fascinated by the trial of Tom Robinson.  They are devastated when Tom Robinson is found guilty.

To create your Venn diagram, list the similarities the two characters share in the middle.  Then write the differences that Scout shows on one side, and the differences that Jem shows on the other.

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