I need help keeping my grades up. I am a freshman. I am used to have an A/B avarage, but as soon as I entered high school I started having a C/D avarage. Help!My parents are super STRICT! My mom...

I need help keeping my grades up. I am a freshman. I am used to have an A/B avarage, but as soon as I entered high school I started having a C/D avarage. Help!

My parents are super STRICT! My mom said that if my grades aren't up by the report card (NOVEMBER  6th) she's going to change me to another school! First period is English 1 honors:72, second is drama:96, third is biologyCP:82; and fourth is algebraCP:76!   

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Looking at your current grades, the first observation is that they are actually quite average for a freshman who is transitioning from secondary education into the young adult world of college. Remember that learning is not only the student's task. You should also have instructors who are committed to help you. Speak directly to the instructor and ask whether you can do extra credit work. What teachers want is for you to demonstrate mastery. If that is the case, then they should allow you to do so through alternative tasks. If you do not feel supported by the faculty of the high school, then it is time to go to the Principal and ask for support.

Now, my first absolutely first suggestion for you is to speak to your mother. The pressure of home, added to the pressure of school will not help you at all. Explain to your parents that you are indeed interested in meeting their goals, and that your purpose is to NOT fail them.

Second, try to negotiate with them: if you did not do as well as they expected in this FIRST try, could they at least let you continue to try until you finally get there? Changing schools and starting over in a new situation does not mean that you will do any better. Tell your parents that you have a plan for yourself: to get better and better as you go by. I am sure that, if you demonstrate that you have a goal and purpose in mind, you will at least get them to agree with you.

Third, as the previous poster said, establish your priorities. You obviously love drama and it is interesting that you did better in biology than you did in English. Look for patterns in your English class that resemble things taught in drama class. When you go to drama class, look for sentences and grammatical functions within dramatic works that will help you understand your English lessons better.

Algebra is the weakness of many, so I am SURE that there are tutoring options that can help you even if it is for a fee. Many of us earned extra cash helping peers who needed extra help. They will be there, I assure you.

Hence just settle the situation at home first and then quickly find the support systems that you need at school. If you follow our advice you will increase your grades.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Transitions are hard. I am sure that this is one of the reasons you are facing so many academic challenges. However, the fact that you are on enotes shows that you have the will to do well. Here are a few suggestions: 

1. You should talk with your teachers to see what you can do to increase you grade. Ask them what you are missing. You will find out that most teachers are very helpful and they want you to do well. 

2. You should also take out cut out things that compete with your school work. Sometimes we spend so much time in after school events that we do not focus on our school work. If this is true of you, then reset your priorities, until you get the hang of school work. 

3. See if you school has after school academic help. These programs can be extremely helpful. 

mferguson1113 | Student

First- Have you prioritized? Do you have too many extracurricular activities? Do you have a schedule you follow for homework and studying the days material? Do you have a quiet time and place to work after school?

Next- Do you feel like you understand the material being presented? Have you spoken to your teachers about before or after school tutoring or extra study materials you can use at home? Try joining or creating a study group where you and your peers can work together to understand new material. A study group may not necessarily work on homework together but help by supporting each other with learning new concepts. For instance if you have a friend who is doing great in English, can they help you understand the material you have learned so far? Perhaps you can return the favor with biology. 

Finally- Talk to your teachers and counselors about whether honors courses are really what is best for you if you continue to struggle with them.