Identify two types of chitons worn in Ancient Greece and in what period they were worn.

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The chiton was a form of clothing used in Ancient Greece between the 5th and 4th centuries as well as later Ancient Rome soon after. The chiton was specific from other garments in that it was usually a sewn piece rather than only folded and/or draped like other garments.

Chitons were often worn with belts and they could have been high-waisted or low-waisted. Both men and women wore chitons, however, the women wore ankle-length while the men wore shorter versions.

There were two types of chitons: the Dorian and the Ionic. The Dorian was a long sheet of fabric, made usually of heavier fabrics like wool. It was draped and fastened at the shoulders by either sewing or a fibula, a sort of decorative pin or brooch. The Ionic chiton was made of lighter fabrics like linen. It was worn in much the same way, but it was sewn together from the neck to the wrist. 


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