How would I put together an essay that discusses the inspirational leadership qualities of Steve Jobs.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you have specific requirements of the essay that have to be followed, I would pay attention to this first and foremost.  Outside of this, I would focus on the idea that Jobs was so inspirational because he was able to see what is and envision what can be.  Jobs was a visionary.  The development of the Apple computer, the graphical user interface, the idea of a connected network of computers, as well as his efforts in computer animation, as well as the recent surge in the iPod and iPad are all an example of this.  This is probably where he is the most inspirational.  Jobs was someone that was not born to a regal family, nor did he receive the most in education.  He simply saw what could be and never lost his ability to imagine.  Jobs loved what he did and never relented in seeing his dreams become reality.  I think that in a setting where so many people have to do what it is they detest or what they don't want to do, Jobs is inspirational because he revolutionized the world doing what he loved.  There was little duplicity in Jobs.  It was evident he loved Apple products and loved what they could do.  Jobs' zeal and passion for his work is probably going to be his lasting legacy and certainly represents his most enduring and inspirational qualities.