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I need help in French! Complete the following sentences with the logical indefinite pronoun? 1)  Qui arrive? Je ne sais pas, mais c'es............... 2)   J'espere que tu as apporte.....................parce que je n'ai rien apporte.

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Qui arrive?  Je ne sais pas, mais ce n'est personne.  [Who is arriving?  I do not know, but it is no one.]


J'espere que tu as apporte  quelque chose parce que je n'ai rien apporte.  [I hope you have brought something because I have not brought anything.]

The indefinite pronouns of French are similar to those of English; for, they relate to no specific person or thing.  These are the pronouns that end in one, body, or thing in English; pronouns such as anything, anyone, something, somebody, someone, and the like.

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